Sabertooth Interactive LLC

Flavor Monsters
Flavor Monsters

how we did it_

    • C#
    • Unity
    • Level Design
    • Monetization
    • UX
    • 3DS Max

the story_

Project Details

Sabertooth developed Flavor Monsters, an aerial shooter game for iOS and other mobile platforms in conjunction with Arnold Worldwide for client, Truth, the American Legacy Foundation. The game was made in support of their latest Flavor Monsters anti-tobacco awareness campaign. It sports six levels, each with their own feel, up to 45 different enemy monsters, five unique weapons and five power items. Each weapon is upgradeable with three levels of increase and visual enhancement. At the end of each level, the player needs to battle a boss character, beautifully rendered in-game using dynamic lighting and high poly models. The player fights the boss by completing visual screen gestures using Sabertooth’s gesture engine. The game has a full store system, achievements, Flurry integration and Facebook sharing. To boot, this was all done in two months using Sabertooth’s new Unity3D game framework. This full featured game runs on a wide variety of mobile devices, including the iPhone 3Gs, iPad 1 and iPod Touch 4th gen. Download yours now!